Multitrack Composition I

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Fall 2018 quarter

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audio recording, contemporary composition, multimedia production

Multitrack Composition is the study of audio technology and its role in changing the art of music composition and production. This three quarter long sequence is concerned with the use of modern recording technologies as instrument. The use of signal processing, tape/computer based manipulation, and the structure of multitrack recorders and audio consoles allow a great number of techniques to be created on the fly to generate, modify, and document musical sound. Multitrack Composition I (Fall quarter) will be spent reviewing operation, design and application of the campus facilities to gain common skill levels and technical knowledge, and complete proficiency in the Communications Building API1608 and Neve 5088 studios and associated facilities.

The course is for musicians and engineers who want to develop compositional, technical and collaborative skills in modern production. This is a lab course with limited (20) positions available. Please make sure you complete an application and speak with the faculty regarding your skills.  If you have any questions, please contact the faculty. 

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