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Fall 2016, Winter 2017, and Spring 2017 quarters

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Students must have completed at least one quarter of an 8 credit or 16 credit interdisciplinary program and a minimum of one year of study of college-level media theory and skills training pertaining to the internship, such as Mediaworks, Media Artist Studio, Audio Recording, Introduction to Music Technology, or their equivalents.

This program is the home for Evergreen media internships. Media internships provide advanced students opportunities to gain deep knowledge of specific media concepts and skills in the context of a tightly-knit cohort who collaborate on developing academic and creative research agendas that parallel and are informed by their work as interns. Internships involve about 30 hours per week for 12-14 credits per quarter and are available in animation/imaging, audio, Media Loan, multimedia lab, music technology, production, video production, and video post-production. Each intern gains and strengthens instructional, technical, research, organizational, leadership, communication, and collaborative skills as they work with supervising staff associated with each of these areas to support instruction, maintenance, and administration of facilities, and to fulfill campus production needs.

The Media Internship program includes  two to four credits of academic inquiry per quarter that will involve individual research in the critical history of specific media technologies with an emphasis on the social, cultural, and economic influences on their development and adoption by both mainstream and alternative producers. As students expand their practical and theoretical knowledge of media technologies, they will examine their own roles as producers, artists, teachers, and leaders through reflective writing and through the production of both individual and collaborative creative media projects. Interns meet weekly as a group with staff or faculty to share skills, seminar on readings or screenings, peer review writing, and collaborate on projects, productions, and cross-training in all Media Services areas.

The Media Internship program requires a year-long commitment from fall through spring quarters. For more details, including information about each specific internship, prerequisites for them and how to apply, please refer to .

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communication media arts media studies

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media arts, media production, media education, professional studio management, communications, and computer applications in media art.


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First winter class meeting: Monday, January 9th at 9:30am (L1540)

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