Latin: An Intensive Introduction

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Summer 2017 (Full Session)
Credits per quarter

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This class provides an introduction to classical Latin, the language of the Roman Republic and Empire, as represented by authors including Cicero, Horace, Virgil, and Tacitus. It also prepares students to read Medieval, Renaissance, or Ecclesiastical Latin texts.  Knowledge of Latin improves one’s grasp of the vocabulary and grammar of Spanish, French, and Italian, as well as English, especially the specialized vocabularies of law, medicine, and natural science.  At the program’s completion, students should enjoy a solid grounding in basic vocabulary, forms, and syntax and will need little additional study before reading primary Latin works in the original.

Students may enroll for 4  credits first session, 4 credits second session, or 8 credits full session. If you wish to join in second session, please contact the faculty to make sure you are prepared.

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