Introduction to Woodworking

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Spring 2017 quarter

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The basic processes and joinery employed in the fabrication of wood furniture has been in use for thousands of years. This course is intended to introduce the beginning woodworker to the tools, materials, processes and joinery commonly found in the fabrication of artisan furniture and case work. The beginning project will consist of a small rectilinear three dimensional construction in the form of a curio cabinet, reliquary, shrine, tansu, or tool box, employing joinery common to artisan furniture. This will be constructed from a hardwood species common to the western United States. The student will have limited flexibility in the design of the project due to size constraints of project storage and our focus on skill development. Introduction to Woodworking is a skills based course focused on the fundamentals of tool use, aesthetic and working properties of wood, methods of work, both physical and mental, and an introduction to design considerations in artisan woodworking. Students completing Introduction to Woodworking should leave with a basic understanding of the working properties of wood, methods of furniture construction, hand and machine tool use and skills necessary to produce additional works in wood.

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visual arts

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Artisan furniture design and fabrication.


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Wed 5:30-9:30pm

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$80.00 for basic materials needed to complete student project.


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