International NGOs

Fall 2017
Day and Weekend
Credits per quarter

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Taught by

Katherine Himes
science policy

In the 21st Century, a robust international public sector is gaining prominence and expanding, joining governments, international organizations, and businesses in enforcing global norms, creating regimes, and providing development aid and humanitarian assistance. This dynamic course will explore international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the new global landscape, covering four major areas: history and trends, internal management, roles, and future directions. Challenges facing internal NGO management will be revealed, including strategic planning based on concrete objectives and results, monitoring and evaluation, communication, cultural and governance structure navigation, and contract negotiation. Through a case-based approach, students will analyze structure and mission in a variety of international NGO areas (e.g., climate change adaptation and mitigation, women’s rights, education access, humanitarian relief). In addition to authoring a short response paper evaluating the effectiveness of an existing international NGO, this course will feature the opportunity to create an international NGO. Moving from the academic to the applied, students will interact in small groups, and utilize newly acquired skills to design a comprehensive strategic plan for their international NGO, and present their approach to classmates playing the role of prospective donors and partners. This exciting offering is designed for those who are interested in deepening their understanding of international NGOs, public administrators who engage with international NGOs, and future international NGO board members, leaders, partners, and donors.

Online learning:
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Scheduled for: Day and Weekend

Located in: Olympia

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Sept 29-Oct 1, Nov 3-5, Fri 5-9p, Sat/Sun 9a-5p