The Ins & Outs of American Indian Law

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Spring 2018 quarter

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In this course we will explore the history of federal Indian policy (and why it’s called Indian policy.) We will examine the historical and legal ramifications of actions taken from the time of discovery until the present day.

Students will research and analyze laws, court cases and treaties to find common threads woven into the American historical context in order to gain a broad based understanding of a complicated and frequently misunderstood area of law.

There is no book required for this course, however students are encouraged to bring their laptops and be prepared to research, analyze, and report back to the class.

This course will be fun and filled with discussion, taught from a unique point of view.

Upon completion of this course students will gain a broad based understanding of federal Indian policy and law and should be able to articulate the ins and outs of Indian law.

This will be a participatory course requiring class participation and one final paper.

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