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Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 quarters

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This program is designed for students to gain an introductory understanding of the historical role of trade and business in the global economy of today. The age-old urge to trade has led to empires, wars, trade restrictions and, more recently, violent protests against economic and financial globalization.

This two-quarter program examines the impact of trade on the political, economic, financial, ecological, religious, and energy-related foundations of the U.S. economy. We will explore the evolution of trade from the ancient world to today. Our historical review will help us understand how trade shaped the past and will provide lessons for how trade may well shape the future. As we explore these changes, our goals are to define how the development of trade is part of a society’s natural progression toward prosperity. Several field trips are planned for each quarter, which could include visits to local ports and global business in the Pacific Northwest. The goal of the field trips is to enhance and broaden classroom activities with experiences in real-world settings where we can gain perspectives from people engaged in trade and business. In addition, there will be a large emphasis on writing, including brief and very focused assignments as well as seminar papers. At the end of each quarter students will present their research findings on trade and business in multimedia presentations.

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business and management economics

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business, finance, history, and economics.


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First winter class meeting: Tuesday, January 10th at 10am (Sem II D1105)

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2016-07-27This program now accepts students of all class levels (Freshmen through Seniors).
2016-01-11Jon Baumunk joins the teaching team.