General Chemistry with Laboratory I

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Fall 2017 quarter

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environmental chemistry, molecular biology and ecology, oceanography

Chemistry is the foundation for everything around us and relates to everything we do. General Chemistry I is part of a 3-part series. These courses provide the fundamental principles of general chemistry. They also provide the  prerequisites for advanced chemistry, health sciences, and medical offerings. These courses also provide a basic laboratory science for students seeking a well rounded liberal arts education.

General Chemistry with Laboratory I

This is the first course in a year-long general chemistry sequence. Topics covered in fall quarter include unit conversions, electron structures, and chemical bonding and will include related laboratory experiments.

General Chemistry with Laboratory II

General Chemistry II builds upon material covered in General Chemistry I. Topics covered in winter quarter include thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibria, and acid-base equilibria. Lab work will complement in-class learning.

General Chemistry with Laboratory III

General Chemistry III will continue with acid-base chemistry, pH, complex ion equilibria, entropy, and transition metals, as well as other related topics. This quarter also includes a lab section that will complement the course work.

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science, medicine


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6-9:30p Mon; 6-10p Wed

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