French - Second Year III

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Spring 2018 quarter

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French language


Equivalent of 2-3 quarters of college French or 3 years High School French

This year-long course is designed for those who are in between Beginning and Intermediate Level, but beyond basic Beginner level.  It is targeted to bring student skills up with overview and review of first year structures moving quickly to more advanced grammar. Classes will be conducted entirely in French.  Students need to have a working knowledge of basic structures, particularly present and past tenses.  The primary objectives are communicative interactions in French, alongside enhanced development of grammatical proficiency.  Students will practice all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. They will learn not only to express themselves in French, but to understand written and spoken French and discover much they didn't know about themselves.  Spring quarter students will read a short novel and work with its companion film. Throughout the year, students use the Language Laboratory to accelerate their skills.

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language studies


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5-7p Tue/Thu

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