French - Second Year II

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Winter 2019 quarter

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French language


Equivalent of 2-3 quarters of college French or 3 years High School French

This year-long course is designed for those who have a Second Year Level or beyond.  All classes are conducted in French and  are fast paced and interactive to bring up skills quickly and sharpen proficiency. Primary objectives focus on increasing communicative interactions through study of aspects of culture and theater.  Students will learn to express themselves clearly and expand their listening comprehension in discussions with native speakers. They will increase their knowledge of comedy, tragedy and absurdist plays, plus hone their verbal, reading and writing proficiency.  Through study of selected plays and literary excerpts, class activities engage students in lively practices and performances of selected scenes, plus watching videos to analyze mise en scene and characterization.  

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language studies


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5-7p Tue/Thu

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