Experimental Watercolor I

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Summer 2017 quarter (First Session)

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Experimental Watercolor embraces the concept of play and builds upon basic watercolor skills to extend a student’s technical and conceptual range. Students will explore, through various application techniques and personal experimentation, to find a rhythm within their work and technical skill. This will be done by looking at the different spaces we traverse and examining the objects within that space. We will be looking at authors who speak about objects and how our perception of things reveals how we are oriented toward the world.

Students are expected to show personal growth and development in their skills and aesthetic awareness.

Class time will be used to experiment with various forms of watercolor and ways to manipulate the water to the artist's advantage.

Group critique follows each project. The conversation can show the artist what is working within the creative process and which areas can be improved. Students will learn to form critical comments, make observations, form respectful opinions and listen with intent to feedback about the “work” and not about the artist.

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