Environmental Challenges and Solutions

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Summer 2017 (Full Session)
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Ask yourself how well you understand the most important environmental challenges of your generation – global climate change; unprecedented human population levels; pollutants in our air, freshwater, oceans, and soils; and the decline of species everywhere.  These are issues that are directly affecting your life and that all educated citizens should understand.  In this program you will learn about these challenges and others, with an emphasis on the search for solutions.  Previous students have found this program to be engaging and eye opening, partly because it makes use of a wide variety of teaching and learning styles.  In the 10-week summer term, we will be taking 9 field trips  –  on campus, in our community, and to a few sites as far away as Mount Rainier National Park.  You will also enjoy films, guest speakers, case study projects, and lectures and seminars on a wide array of critical environmental issues.  You will study one textbook, as well as reading two classics of the environmental literature that have inspired and informed citizens for generations, plus a notable contemporary book in the field, as well as a novel.  Through it all, we will be using the tools of natural and social science plus the humanities to discover solutions to the enormous environmental challenges of this generation.

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