Enduring Stories (at Grays Harbor)

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Winter 2017
Grays Harbor
Grays Harbor
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Our stories are expressions of our values, our identity, our culture, and our history, and they help us make meaning of our experiences. We communicate our stories not only through words, but also through cultural practices and traditions - music, dance and craft, how we grow and prepare food, our celebrations and rituals. Using this broad conceptualization of story, students will explore the purpose and value of story in family, community, cultural and occupational life in the Harbor and outlying region. We will consider what stories and cultural practices shape the dominate narrative, what stories are left out, and who decides which stories we hear. Students will also consider how the process of constructing narratives impacts our individual and collective behavior. Students connect theory with practice by conducting fieldwork that documents and interprets a tradition or cultural practice in their own lives. The project will help students locate their own story within the local, regional, and national narratives. 

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Wednesdays 6-9:30pm at Grays Harbor College. First meeting is Wednesday, January 11, 6p, at Grays Harbor College.