Ecological and Social Sustainability

Winter 2018 quarter

Taught by

Erin Martin
chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry, freshwater ecology
Photo of Kathleen Saul
energy and environmental policy, political ecology, social impacts of energy choices
Ted Whiteset square
geography, environmental studies
  • MES

The second program in the core sequence examines sustainability at theoretical and practical levels. We will examine how sustainability is understood from multiple perspectives, emphasizing systems thinking and complexity theory at regional, national, and global scales. Students will develop a foundation in climate science, development theory, and energy policy to help them assess current strategies of climate mitigation and adaptation. Seminars, lectures, and workshops will help students refine their critical thinking, writing, discussion, and presentation skills. By the end of the quarter, each student will produce a professional quality research paper (candidacy paper) and presentation based on current scholarship. Candidacy is outlined in the student handbook .

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