EastWest Psychology: Destructive Mind/Emotion

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Winter 2017 quarter

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Are destructive emotions innately embedded in human nature?  Can they be eradicated?  A growing body of Western research has examined these and other questions through the perspectives of Eastern psychology and philosophy which view destructive emotions, perceptions, and behaviors as the primary source of human suffering.  To alleviate this suffering, Eastern psychology has developed a rich and varied methodology for recognizing, reducing, transforming, and preventing these destructive forms of mind and emotion.  After examining the nature and function of the afflictive mind/emotions, students will choose one emotion to study in-depth and develop effective East/West interventions to transform this emotion/state of mind.

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consciousness studies philosophy psychology


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Sat 9a-4:30p (Jan. 14, 28, Feb. 11, 25 and March 11). First Meeting January 14, 9:00a, Seminar 2 B2109

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