Drawing: Foundations

Fall 2016
Credits per quarter

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This course is an introduction to principles and techniques in drawing.  Emphasis will be on learning to draw what you see through close observation. Students will be introduced to a variety of drawing materials and techniques as well as proportion, sighting, perspective, value and composition. Students will develop a context for their work through readings and research projects about influential artists.  Students will be required to keep a sketchbook throughout the quarter and complete drawing assignments outside of studio time. A final portfolio of completed assignments will be due at the end of the quarter.

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Online learning:
  • No Required Online Learning - No access to web tools required. Any web tools provided are optional.
Special expenses:

$50-$75 for personal drawing supplies

Scheduled for: Evening

Located in: Olympia

Advertised schedule:

Tu/Th 6-8p. First meeting Tuesday, Sept 27, 6p, Arts Annex 2109.

2016-05-10Schedule has changed- class now meets Tu/Th (was M/W)