Do Organizations Really Need HR?

Fall 2016
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With many firms now implementing full employee self service functions and subcontracting other HR traditional roles and responsibilities, is there a need for the HR department in organizations?  This course  explores the position of HR, investigating pivotal questions such as: does making HR a separate business function still make sense? Should HR return to a narrower personnel role? Should key areas like talent management be reassigned to leadership and management functions outside of HR? What about strategic and legal roles of HR? This course also discusses whether or not there is an opportunity for a more integrated and leaner HR function. Students in this course will learn about the traditional and contemporaneity role that HR plays in the flatter and less centralized organizations and research and develop strategies that can be used to integrate this role into other functions. The primary objective of this course is to develop a HR model that better fits the needs of emerging organizations in the new economy. This course provides students with the opportunity to practice critical thinking, reflecting, collaborating, researching and learning through individual and group activities, discussions and seminars, and team projects.   

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Thu 6-10 pm. First Meeting Thursday, September 29, 6pm, Sem II A2109.