Cornerstone: Foundations for Success

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Spring 2018
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military history, communications, veterans affairs and policy

What do you hope to gain from being in college? What will it take for you to succeed here? This 4-credit class is an opportunity for beginning and returning students to think deeply about their education, to develop skills that contribute to college success, and to chart a path toward career goals and life-long learning. We will begin by investigating the history and function of the Liberal Arts in society, with special attention given to the Five Foci of an Evergreen Education (Interdisciplinary Study, Collaborative Learning, Learning Across Significant Differences, Personal Engagement, and Linking Theory with Practice). In the process of our investigation, students will work to strengthen their academic reading, writing, note-taking, speaking, and critical reasoning skills. Students will identify areas of particular academic interest and need, and they’ll develop strategies to meet those learning goals in the future.   

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