Computation and Mindfulness(4-credit)

Spring 2018
Credits per quarter

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Jamyang Tsultrim
Indo-Tibetan Buddhist studies, East-West psychology, philosophy of consciousness
Richard Weiss
mathematics, computer science

This is a 4-credit option of the full-time program Computation and Mindfulness designed to address the needs of students who would like to apply mindfulness to the study of a scientific discipline such as computer science. Those who have taken computer science in previous quarters can explore computer science at a deeper level, and those who have not taken computer science in the past can study the basic concepts and applications. Please refer to the 4-credit option within Computation and Mindfulness .

For the last 30 plus years, research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of mindfulness approaches for treating many clinical conditions. They have also found them to be effective as a method for broadening positive human qualities. This course will emphasize the mindfulness approach to knowing and learning about the mind/emotions. All students will learn theory, practice and application of mindfulness. Specifically, the learning objectives are to able to apply it to learning programming and solving complex computational problems.This course is affiliated with a 16-credit program, whose learning goals are to explore different ways of learning and knowing from the computational perspective and from the human perspective. If we look at learning from the human perspective, we can identify three major modes: analytical reasoning, non-conceptual awareness (experiential learning and perception), and reliable resources, e.g. peer-reviewed journals. From the computational perspective, learning is formulated as a function approximation problem. Students will be able to apply machine learning frameworks to basic learning problems.

Prior programming experience is not required.

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Saturdays, 9:00am-4:30pm (April 7, 21, May 12, 26, June 9)