Code/Switch: Intermediate-Advanced Spanish

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Fall 2017 quarter

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Students must have taken at least two years of college-level Spanish or a year-long intensive such as The Spanish-Speaking World.

The full-time program Code/Switch  includes a four-credit module that will offer intermediate to advanced students of Spanish an opportunity to expand their skills reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish. Readings and activities in this module will complement the themes explored in the program, though the module can be taken independently by students not enrolled in the rest of the program.This subject is available to students as stand-alone 4 credit course by taking a partial credit option within  Code/Switch

In this module, we will read and study texts written by Latinx authors who routinely code-switch between English and Spanish, and whose texts require that readers know a significant amount of Spanish. Some of our texts will be written in Spanglish and will require a significant capacity to code-switch between languages and registers. Possible texts include Yo-Yo Boing! by Giannina Braschi, as well as short stories by Roberto Fernández, Pedro Juan Soto, Francisca Tenorio, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, and others.

We will offer grammar study and instruction every week, but the bulk of our time will consist of reading and writing workshops that refine our capacity to code-switch as readers while expanding reading comprehension in Spanish. Instruction and discussion in this module will take place in Spanish. 

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Thurs 10a–1p, with the option of an additional hour depending on student schedules.

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