Ceramics: Figuratively Speaking

Fall 2017 quarter

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Some previous figure drawing or clay experience is recommended

Ceramics: Figuratively Speaking is an interdisciplinary program that will combine sculpting the human form out of clay, professional art practices, and discussion about identity theory, self-representation, ethics of appropriating other people’s bodies/stories, and “the gaze.” By combining making figures with discussion of the implications of making figures, students will have an opportunity to reflect in real time about their own work, work of their peers, and work they see in the art world. The studio will offer a place for students to build skills in figure sculpture. Students will gain experience in deciding on a pose, working with a steel pipe armature, and hollowing and reconstructing clay figures. Students will be exposed to both fired and cold temperature surfaces. In the professional practices portion of the program, each student will research and finalize an application to a graduate program, residency, fellowship, or grant. There will be critiques of student projects as well as iterative drafts of an artist statement. Some previous figure drawing or clay experience is recommended. This program is designed for students who are considering art making, museum studies, or art criticism as a future career.

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aesthetics visual arts

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visual art, museum studies, art criticism


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Tu/Th 6-10pm

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Hybrid Online Learning 25 - 49% Delivered Online

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Students should expect to spend $50-$75 for clay and other supplies.



$15 fee for supplies


2017-07-26Required fee raised to $15 (was $10)