Calculus 2 and 3

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Summer 2018 quarter (Second Session)

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mathematics, history of science


Differential Calculus (Calculus 1)

The program is divided into two major topics: integral calculus and multivariable calculus. The integral is developed as the area under a curve and approximated using various numerical methods. The Riemann Integral is introduced rigorously. The connection between anti-differentiation and the definite integral is made via the FTC. A standard variety of integration techniques are used to solve applied problems in geometry and the physical sciences. Differential equations are introduced. Multivariable calculus including gradients and multiple integrals are formally developed and used to strongly reinforce the idea of the derivative and the integral. Taylor polynomials are briefly introduced. Expected credit equivalencies are 4 - Integral Calculus and 4 - Topics in Multivariable Calculus. 

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Mathematics, Physical Science, Computer Science, Economics, Education


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Mon-Thur 9am-1pm

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