Building the Classic Adirondack Chair (or two)

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Summer 2018 quarter (First Session)

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Enroll in a class that emphasizes tool safety and a positive learning environment. Learn from a wood working instructor with over 30 years of experience in encouraging students, who also instills confidence in students to succeed at their goals. This course will teach you to safely use of the following tools: Table saw, chop saw, saw, band saw, jointer, hand-held router, table router, cordless hand drill, edge sander and hand sanders. You will also learn how to build and use jigs for many of the fore mentioned tools. The result of the above skills will culminate in a handsome, classic East Coast, Adirondack Chair made from premium western red cedar.

All materials for one chair are included in the materials fee.  Arrangements to make additional chairs can be made with the instructor during the first week of the class.

Program Details

Preparatory For

Furniture Design, Woodworking tool using skills, Power Tool Safety, Shop safety.


Summer Open

Location and Schedule

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Time Offered


Advertised Schedule

Monday thru Thursday Noon - 4pm June 25 - July 19 (4 weeks)

Online Learning

No Required Online Learning

Special Expenses

Expect to spend approximately $225.00 on additional wood and hardware per chair.


$225.00 fee for Clear Red Cedar and hardware for one folding chair