Ballet Intensive

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Fall 2016 quarter

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Are you curious about the origins of dance and how they relate to classical ballet? In this program we will interrogate class, gender, and race through the philosophical and historical aspects of classical ballet. We will give much attention to the development of the individual co-learner to promote confidence and creativity emanating from the body in an atmosphere that facilitates such development. Students will be encouraged to learn through personal discovery as the most effective route to rapid technical change and unique creative expression. As a result, dancers should be sound in both mind and body with a sense of wonder about the world and the intellectual curiosity to explore the place of their art within that world.

This program offers a discursive observation of the role and function of classical ballet as the mirror, or shadow, of society. Ballet is directly tied to the world in which it is created but also transcends time and space in reverberation and relevancy. From its inception ballet has provided metaphors and symbols for cultural reflection. We will probe into the theory and history of ballet, primarily in the Western world, to familiarize ourselves with these symbolic, psychological, and cultural functions of this genre of dance. We will research and explore the historical underpinnings of dance and classical ballet to the present day to interrogate and find our places within the discipline of dance as a means to promote and facilitate one’s ultimate creative voice and expression. Students will take ballet workshops, learn French terminology, and collaborate on final projects relative to the subject matter and period of dance they choose to choreograph.

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dance, dance history, and performance.


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First class meeting : Tuesday, September 27 at 10am (CRC 314)

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