Atoms, Molecules, and Reactions: Thermodynamics

Winter 2018 and Spring 2018 quarters

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physical chemistry
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Students must have successfully completed one year of college-level general chemistry with laboratory and one year of college calculus (differential and integral).

The full-time program Atoms, Molecules, and Reactions covers quantum mechanics, inorganic chemistry (in fall and winter), and thermodynamics (in winter and spring), all at the upper-division science level. Each of these subjects is available to students as an individual component by taking the variable credit option within Atoms, Molecules, and Reactions .

In winter, we will explore the laws of thermodynamics, equations of state, critical phenomena, partial molar properties, work, heat, internal energy, enthalpy, heat capacity, calorimetry, entropy, and the Carnot cycle.

Spring quarter topics include Gibbs and Helmholtz energy, open and closed systems, fugacity, activity, equilibria, Raoult's law, Henry's law, and colligative properties. Kinetics lectures will cover reaction rates, rate law, orders, Arrhenius effects, molecularity, chain reactions, reaction mechanisms, the Eyring relationship, the Boltzmann distribution, and the Maxwell distribution of speeds. Laboratory exercises may be included if time permits.

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chemistry physics

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chemistry, physics, and science education


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