The Art of Acting: Empathy, Integrity, Eloquence

Fall 2016 quarter

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What does it take to interpret the great works of dramatic literature with your whole body and mind? The art of acting is inherently interdisciplinary.  It helps you develop empathy, integrity, eloquence, imagination, flexibility, discipline, logic, research, critical analysis, and a well-trained voice and body. This program will include intense training in voice, body, and emotional technique.  We will study the history and theory of acting styles and apply our learning to preparing short performance pieces. Our methods will include self-reflection through journaling; analysis of dramatic structure and of individual characters; rigorous vocal exercises; and scene work from great plays. Students will also be required to pursue, outside of class time, a disciplined physical practice of their choice, such as yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, or a martial art.  Texts will include Benedetti's translation of Stanislavski's classic work, An Actor's Work and Linklater's Freeing the Natural Voice . Credit will be awarded in Acting and Voice.

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Mondays and Wednesdays 6 to 9:30 p.m. First meeting Mon, Sept 26, Communications Building 332.

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2016-08-30Student fee reduced to $10 (was $25)