Against all Odds: The Black Experience - Global Seasoning, Resistance, and Re-incarnation

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Winter 2018
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This History, Africana Studies, Worldview Studies Literary Analysis course that explores  the  Global Seasoning Processes, its Impacts and the Resistance Movements that “pushed back  “ in both Diaspora Africa in general and the USA in specific is a continuation of the question

How did Black men and women, of many different cultures and ages, succeed against all odds? How did they consistently move from victims to victors? Where did they find the insurmountable courage and humanity to deconstruct and reconstruct their lives over and over again?

Against All Odds will begin with a review of last quarters work on foundational African Epistemology, Axiology and Logic.  Areas of studies Winter quarter  will include the Willie Lynch Seasoning Process  (in Brazil and Haiti and the African and Indigenous push back ); Pre- Aryan India (the institutionalization of Varna/Colorism/Hierarchical structure and the Dalit push back); and the USA  (contemporary dominant discourse  media  and Black artistic push back ). Students will have the opportunity to apply their understanding about lessons learned, wisdoms earned from the class to their positionality as students on the Evergreen State College Olympia Campus and their existence in the universe,

Primary texts included the Willie Lynch Syndrome - The Making of a Slave and selections from the works of Ivan Van Sertima , Runoko Rashidi, Jacob Caruthers and Kabby Mitchell lll.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: Comparative World Views,  Community Service or Human Development

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