Advocating for a Sustainable Future

Fall 2016 quarter

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How can we advocate for positions and promote informed decision-making about issues in the public sphere?  In this program, we will begin by looking at advocacy and proposals targeting a just transition to clean energy.  Is this an extreme case or a reachable goal?  As a class, we will work down from global environmental and social justice concerns to local issues of interest.  Guest speakers will provide current information about local issues, and we will take day-long field trips to view areas at risk and see some positive outcomes of local advocacy and action.  Student groups will select an issue on which to focus and develop a panel presentation, pamphlet, article, social media campaign, or other product that serves as effective advocacy.  The objective of the advocacy could range from educating the public to engaging citizens in action to influencing decision makers.  In the process, methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis will be introduced and combined with scientific and public policy research to assess the complex landscape of proposals for a sustainable future. Students will work to improve their own fluency with numerical information and will focus on developing ways to highlight, clarify, and effectively communicate numerical data. Academic and journalistic writing, storytelling methods, and other modes of communication will be developed to create informative, influential products intended for specific audiences.

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communication environmental studies law and public policy mathematics sustainability studies

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Sustainability Studies, Environmental Policy, Journalism/New Media



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 Mon (Sept. 26; Oct. 10; Oct 24; Nov. 14; Nov. 28; Dec. 5) and Wed (all)6-9:30p,  and one weekend day only field trip Oct. 22,23 9:30 to 5:30. First meeting Monday Sept 26, 6:00pm, Sem II A1107.

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$15 for purchase of online strengths assessment tool.


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