Advanced Topics in the Performing Arts: The Audition and the Actor

Fall 2017
Credits per quarter

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Have you ever auditioned for a show and weren't quite sure how?  Or, do you become very nervous because you feel you aren't well-prepared?  This program is a chance for students to learn new skills and practice the art of auditioning.  This is a practical hands-on program. Curriculum includes: preparing for the audition, how to choose a monologue, cold readings and improvisation technique, and audition etiquette. Students should be prepared to spend considerable out-of-class time to memorize and rehearse their monologues.  Students will learn learn how to choose and create a portfolio of classic, comic, and dramatic monologues and will present their memorized and rehearsed selections each week in technique and critique workshops. Participants should have a strong interest in performance, acting, and be able to work independently and collaboratively. The newly-trained actors will present their best audition monologues, for friends and family, in a showcase at the end of the quarter. 

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This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: performance, theatre, acting, public speaking, and teaching.

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$75 for performance and entrance fees.


Students must have significant experience in acting in which they have developed good performance skills and a strong work ethic. Students with traditional or non-traditional performance backgrounds are strongly urged to apply.

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Located in: Olympia

2017-07-31Fee added ($75).
2017-04-19This program requires faculty approval to register.