Accounting: The Language of Business

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Fall 2017 quarter

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Introductory course in financial accounting. Students who have taken programs such as Global Exchange or The Business of Art will be well prepared for this program. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software is recommended.

Accounting is often referred to as “the language of business.” In this program, we will study managerial and intermediate financial accounting concepts in the broad context of making business management decisions. We will explore how accounting information facilitates decision making in a wide variety of contexts and how managers and other decision makers rely on this information to make decisions that benefit their organizations.

Topics include operational and capital budgeting, investment, and performance evaluation, measurement of assets, liabilities, and income as well as financial statement disclosure issues. We will look carefully at conceptual frameworks of financial accounting in the United States and internationally. Guided in-class assignments will provide students with hands-on practice applying accounting concepts in the context of making business management decisions, such as managerial planning, cost-volume-profit relationships, operational control, and performance evaluation. Seminar discussions will build upon students' earlier study of accounting for financial performance and explore topics such as valuation theories and how organizations of all kinds – including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, service organizations, government agencies, and not-for-profit entities – and sizes need financial statements and other reports to make decisions. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software is recommended.

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business and management

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various career paths within accounting and other business careers


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First class meeting: Monday, September 25 at 9am (Sem II C2105)

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