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Fall 2016 quarter

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This writing intensive course has two purposes. The first is to help students develop as academic writers, to engage in writing as intellectual work. We will work on developing "rhetorical reading" skills--noticing not only what something is about, but also how it is put together. Building on common readings, students will write and revise several academic essays. Students with more academic experience will have the option of writing essays in areas related to their academic concentrations. A key element for all students will be engaging in productive revision processes. We will also explore academic writing at Evergreen--in particular, the purpose and practice of Evergreen's Academic Statement. This course can serve as an introduction to academic writing; for more advanced students, it offers the opportunity to develop a stronger practice of revision.

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Mondays, 6-10 pm. First meeting Monday, September 26, 6pm, Sem II A2105.

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