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Student-Originated Studies (SOS)

Student Originated Studies (SOS)  offers an opportunity for self-motivated students to create their own advanced course of study and to interact with a community of other students researching related topics. Students enrolled in an SOS design their work with input and support from the faculty member, and participate in class sessions with activities that may include seminars, workshops, lectures, and peer review.

Title   Offering Standing Credits When F W S Su
Paul Przybylowicz
Signature Required: Spring 
  SOS SO–SR 16 Day S 16
Ted Whitesell
Signature Required: Spring 
  SOS JR–SR 16 Day, Evening and Weekend S 16
Lin Nelson
Signature Required: Winter 
  SOS SO–SR 16 Day W 16
Trevor Speller and Nancy Koppelman
Signature Required: Fall 
  SOS JR–SR 16 Day F 15
Michael Vavrus
Signature Required: Winter 
  SOS SO–SR 16 Day W 16
Gary Peterson
  SOS SO–SR 16 Day F 15
David Muehleisen
Signature Required: Winter 
  SOS FR–SR 16 Day W 16