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Title   Offering Standing Credits When F W S Su
Rose Jang, Wenhong Wang and Hirsh Diamant
  Program FR–SR 16 Day F 15 W 16 S 16
Robert Esposito
  Program FR–SR 16 Day W 16
Heather Heying, David Phillips and Bret Weinstein
Signature Required: Fall 
  Program SO–SR 16 Day F 15 W 16 S 16
Joseph Tougas, Pauline Yu and Sean Williams
  Program FR ONLY 16 Day F 15 W 16
Steven Hendricks, Susan Fiksdal, Brian Walter and Toska Olson
Signature Required: Spring 
  Program FR–SO 16 Day F 15 W 16 S 16
Sarah Williams, Steven Scheuerell and Abir Biswas
  Program FR–SR 16 Day F 15 W 16 S 16
Scott Coleman
Signature Required: Winter 
  Program JR–SR 16 Day W 16 S 16