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Title   Offering Standing Credits When F W S Su
Tom Womeldorff and Midori Takagi
  Program FR–SR 16 Day F 15
Kabby Mitchell
  Program FR–SR 16 Day S 16
Stephanie Coontz
  Program FR–SR 8 Weekend S 16
Mary Dean
  Course FR–SR 4 Evening F 15
Terry Setter, Cynthia Kennedy and Bill Arney
  Program FR–SR 16 Day F 15
Nancy Anderson and Wenhong Wang
  Program JR–SR 8 Evening and Weekend W 16 S 16
Carolyn Prouty, Laura Citrin and Rita Pougiales
Signature Required: Winter 
  Program FR–SO 16 Day F 15 W 16
Tyrus Smith, Peter Boome, Dee Dunn, Suzanne Simons, Frances Solomon, Peter Bacho, Barbara Laners, Arlen Speights, Anthony Zaragoza, Paul McCreary, Mingxia Li and Gilda Sheppard
  Program JR–SR 16 Day and Evening F 15 W 16 S 16
Douglas Schuler
  Program SO–SR 8, 12 Evening and Weekend F 15 W 16 S 16
Stephen Buxbaum and Lester Krupp
  Program SO–SR 8 Weekend F 15 W 16 S 16
Jeanne Hahn
  Program JR–SR 16 Day W 16
Michelle Aguilar-Wells
  Program FR ONLY 16 Day W 16
Wenhong Wang
  Course JR–SR 4 Evening F 15
Joli Sandoz and John Baldridge
  Program SO–SR 8 Evening F 15 W 16
Peter Bohmer
  Program SO–SR 16 Day S 16
Laura Citrin
Signature Required: Spring 
  Program SR ONLY 16 Day S 16
Steven Hendricks, Susan Fiksdal, Brian Walter and Toska Olson
Signature Required: Winter  Spring 
  Program FR–SO 16 Day F 15 W 16 S 16
John Baldridge
  Program FR–SR 8 Evening S 16
Wenhong Wang
  Course JR–SR 4 Evening W 16
Suzanne Simons and Mark Hurst
  Program FR–SR 8 Weekend F 15 W 16
Gary Peterson
  SOS SO–SR 16 Day F 15
Bill Arney and David Phillips
Signature Required: Spring 
  Program FR–SR 16 Day W 16 S 16