Student-Originated Studies: Creating Dance in an Imagined Future


Spring 2015 quarter

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modern dance, kinesiology


Previous experience in technique, improvisation, and composition at an intermediate proficiency level is required.
This full-time, one-quarter Student-Originated Study is designed for students prepared for intermediate to advanced work in the theory and practice of contemporary dance theatre, and requires prior choreographic and/or performance experience. Student cohorts will form to investigate a variety of dance theatre forms around themes of personal and cultural power, freedom, belonging, and fun. Specific content of research, papers, texts, critiques, and seminars is student-centered and co-developed with faculty. In a pre-registration interview with the faculty, students state a clear theme or genre of interest and propose a viable performance project. Next, student cohorts co-design a 10-week syllabus, including texts, learning objectives, activities, related research topics, and overlapping production schedules for casting, rehearsals, and technical support (costumes, lighting, sets, props, stage management, box office, publicity,) culminating in a Week 10 concert, venue to be determined. In addition to producing finished performance work, students will research the history, principals, and sociocultural context of their chosen genre, including, but not limited to modern dance, world dance, ballet, physical theatre, Butoh, etc. The goal is not to mimic extant forms, but to further each genre or theme into an imagined future. Expect to work on program assignments 15-20 hours per week outside of scheduled meetings with faculty. Research and rehearsal processes will be documented by each student in a multimedia log or journal serving as a reference when working with faculty, and providing a history of the development of each finished work. Work in progress will be shared in faculty-supported performance forums and dance labs throughout the quarter. This study requires discipline, clarity of focus, the ability to be self-directed, and the willingness to collaborate with others. Previous experience in technique, improvisation, and composition at an intermediate proficiency level is required.

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Fields of Study

Preparatory for studies or careers in

dance, theatre, and dance theatre.

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Offered during: Day

Advertised schedule: Student dance cohorts will meet with faculty on a rotating basis on specified meeting days, and rehearse and revise work in progress. Performance Forums will be held every other Thursday afternoon.


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Registration Information

Credits: 16 (Spring)

Class standing: Sophomore–Senior

Maximum enrollment: 25


Signature Required

Admission requires faculty interview to demonstrate how students meet the prerequisites (previous experience in technique, improvisation, and composition at an intermediate proficiency level) and to develop a performance project proposal. It is recommended that students observe a class meeting of winter quarter's Creating Dance Here and Now. Contact Rob Esposito ( or (360) 867-6436) for appointment. 

Course Reference Number

So - Sr (16 credits): 30320

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