Spring 2015 quarter

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dance, African American studies, theater

Ever been moved by a thought?  Ever find yourself moving through your thoughtfulness?  Ever think, 'I'd better get a move on'?  In this program, you will, all that and more.  We'll take up thoughts and dance with them.  We'll think about movement, our own, others', our own in groups.  The earliest schools of philosophy in the West aimed not for correct systematic thinking but for fashioning an 'art of living.'  We'll see and feel what that can possibly mean in our time.  Students will come to enjoy more flexibility and coordination, in body and mind.

In addition to the common work of the program, students will complete an independent study project worth up to half the award of credit.

Fields of Study

Preparatory for studies or careers in

Dance, education, performing arts.

Location and Schedule

Campus location



Offered during: Day


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Online Learning

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Required Fees

$40 for admission to a dance performance.

Registration Information

Credits: 16 (Spring)

Class standing: Freshmen–Senior; 25% of the seats are reserved for freshmen

Maximum enrollment: 48


Course Reference Numbers

Fr (16 credits): 30282
So (16 credits): 30283
Jr (16 credits): 30284
Sr (16 credits): 30285

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