Creating Dance Here and Now


Winter 2015 quarter

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modern dance, kinesiology


Students must have previous experience in dance at the beginner/intermediate level.

This focused, one-quarter, dance-based program, involves progressive study in modern dance composition, theory, and technique. Prior dance experience at the beginner/intermediate level is advised.

Activities will include regular classes in Nikolais/Louis dance technique, theory, improvisation, composition, performance forum, critique, and seminar. Students will engage in disciplined kinetic activities while studying basic anatomy and dance kinesiology, using a Pilates-based floor barre and Laban movement analysis. Deep somatic work will be based on Feldenkrais’ “Awareness Through Movement”, theories of Gestalt psychology, and principles of creative visualization. Regular work in dance improvisation and composition will encourage personal empowerment, artistic freedom, community, and the enjoyment of beauty through the art of motion. Students will learn basic craft principles of composition: the formal design of space, time, shape and motion, drawing content from their own life experience and past interdisciplinary study to create original dance theatre work. Compositions will be performed weekly in performance forums that include faculty and student-centered critique and analysis.

Theory, texts, and seminars will review the history, development, and methodology of dance and movement as fine art, draw distinctions between art and psychotherapy, cultural expression, and compare the creative process in other art forms, such as drawing, painting, and poetry. Seminar will draw on texts in psychology, art history, linguistics, color theory, poetics, and neurophysiology, to develop skills in critical analysis and discourse, as well as situating texts, art and performance in their historical and sociocultural contexts. Writing will balance creative and analytical forms and research styles. The program culminates with a recital of selected student work.

Program Details

Fields of Study

Preparatory for studies or careers in

dance, theatre, and art.

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Required Fees

$50 for theater and museum entrance fees.


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Registration Information

Credits: 16 (Winter)

Class standing: Sophomore–Senior

Maximum enrollment: 25


Course Reference Number

So - Sr (16 credits): 20225

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