Community Resilience: An Introduction to Public Policy

Fall 2014 quarter

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academic and creative writing, U.S. literature, research methods in the humanities

Good public policy can strengthen the capacities of local communities to respond productively to change. We’ll begin by investigating the two key concepts: "community resilience" and "public policy." Then we'll shift our attention to how policy is formulated and implemented and the ways in which selected policies shape our lives. Development and application of effective presentation-preparation skills, including writing, will be a major course emphasis. Participants will be expected to attend in person or to watch online a minimum of two public meetings relevant to our work, and to write a brief report about each. Additional written assignments will include short weekly discussion papers to be shared with other course participants. As the quarter progresses, this writing will build into a final 10 minute in-course presentation with associated documentation, based on course readings and knowledge of a specific community, to explore a topic of each student’s choice. Credit will be awarded in Public Policy: Community Resilience.

This course may be taken alone. It is informally linked to  Vital Signs: Public Health and Social Policy , another four-credit course also taught on Saturdays by the same faculty. Students enrolled in both courses may choose to complete separate final projects on different topics, or to combine their projects into a single 12-15 page exploratory paper on a topic related to public policy and human health, accompanied by a short presentation of their work in  Community Resilience: An   Introduction to Public Policy .


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Community organizing, non-profit/associational sector, government, politics, teaching human service

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Offered during: Weekend

Advertised schedule: Saturdays, 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

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Credits: 4 (Fall)

Class standing: Freshmen–Senior

Maximum enrollment: 25


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(4 credits): 10259

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