2013-14 Catalog

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The Empty Space: Movement, Dance and Theatre


Spring 2014 quarter

Walter Grodzik theater , Cynthia Kennedy leadership
Fields of Study
aesthetics, consciousness studies, cultural studies, dance, education, media arts, queer studies, somatic studies and theater
Preparatory for studies or careers in
teaching, theatre, expressive arts, dance and movement theory.

How does imagination respond to the emotional self, the physiology of the body and the psychology of the mind? How can we become more expressive and responsive to our inner selves? This program will explore the interior spaces where performances begin and the exterior spaces where performances are realized. Through the understanding and embodiment of somatic concepts such as awareness, intention, centering, authenticity and the interplay of mind and body, students will have the opportunity to explore the creative imagination as it expresses itself from their own life processes, rather than from externally imposed images, standards and expectations

Students will begin with movement and theatre exercises that center and focus the mind and body in order to open oneself to creative possibilities and performance. Students will also study movement/dance and theatre as a means of physical and psychological focus and flexibility that enable them to more fully utilize their bodies and emotional selves in creating theatrical performance. Students will be invited to explore and enjoy the dance already going on inside their bodies to learn to perceive, interpret and trust the natural intelligence of intrinsic bodily sensations. The class will use experiential techniques derived from several traditions of somatic philosophy. In seminar, students will read a broad variety of texts about creativity, dance, theatre and dramatic literature.

The program will include weekly seminars, workshops in movement/dance and theatre and film screenings of various dance and theatre productions. We welcome students of all abilities who bring their excitement, commitment and creativity to the performing arts. 

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$25 for tickets to performances.
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January 28th, 2014 Walter Grodzik and Cynthia Kennedy will be offering Radical Acts. Please refer to that description in the catalog.