2013-14 Catalog

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Radio Practice and Politics

Winter 2014 quarter

Lori Blewett communication, social studies
Fields of Study
communications and political economy

  Radio Practice and Politics is geared toward students who want to develop their oral communication skills as well as gain insight into the political economy of radio.

What social, cultural, and political role has radio played in American society? 

How has radio been shaped by federal policy, market forces, and media activism? 

Is there a viable alternative to cookie-cutter radio?

No prior experience with media production is needed to take this program; however, a willingness to experiment with communication, technology, and collaboration is essential.   The program will introduce students to speaking, writing, interviewing, recording, editing, and broadcasting skills that contribute to the production of high-quality audio programs.  Students will also learn about modern radio history, politics, economics, and aesthetics.   Special attention will be given to non-commercial radio in the U.S.  Program assignments will include both live and edited presentations using a variety of formats.   Some lessons will be taught by KAOS Training and Operations Manager, Ruth Brownstein. Students will gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to potentially host programs at KAOS Olympia community radio station in the future.    Radio Practice and Politics fulfills speech communication requirements for selected MIT endorsement areas.

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6-10p Tue/Thu
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