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Ceramics: Sculpting the Human Form


Spring 2014 quarter

Aisha Harrison
Fields of Study
visual arts

In this class students will sharpen their observation skills by rendering the human form using a live model. Topics discussed will include the ethics of using the human form in art, determining if a figure is needed in a work, and the implications of using a partial or whole body. Skills covered include construction of armatures, sculpting around an armature with solid clay, hollowing and reconstruction, and techniques for sculpting problematic areas like heads, hands, and feet. A variety of surface options will also be covered including fired and room temperature glaze.

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6-8:30p Tue/Thu
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No Required Online Learning
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$60 or more for finishing and additional materials
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Program Revisions

Date Revision
August 15th, 2013 Course changed from Winter Qtr to Spring Qtr.