2013-14 Catalog

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Endorsements are offered in ELL, Math, Reading (summer quarter only), and Special Education.

Title   Offering Standing Credits Schedule F W S Su Description Preparatory Faculty Days of Week
Reading Endorsements
Adolescent Literature

Terry Ford

education literature 

  Course FR - SRFreshmen - Senior 4 Day Su 14Summer While children's literature meets the developmental needs of children grades K-6, adolescent literature  meets the developmental needs of middle and high school ages (grades 6-12).  Participants will learn about adolescent literature in an historical perspective, young adult development in reading, and genres with representative authors and selection criteria.  Participants will read and critique a variety of genres, developing a knowledge base of a variety of current authors, themes, and classroom uses.  Course credits contribute to minimum coursework expectations for teaching endorsements in middle level humanities and secondary English/Language Arts. Terry Ford Mon
Children's Literature

Jon Davies

education literature 

  Course FR - SRFreshmen - Senior 4 Children's Literature will meet on Mondays and Thursday (July 28, July 31, August 4, August 7, and August 11) from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Su 14Summer To understand the field of children’s literature, participants will engage in readings, discussions, written analyses, and workshops that will address literary and informational texts for children from birth to age 12. Topics include an examination of picture and chapter books, multicultural literature, literature in a variety of genres, non-fiction texts across a range of subjects, introducing literature into elementary classrooms, and censorship. : For members of the class who are licensed teachers or who intend to become licensed teachers, The Evergreen State College offers this course as one of five courses that leads to a Washington State reading endorsement. The other courses are Instructional Methods in Literacy and Assessment in Literacy (offered in summer 2014) and Foundations of Literacy and Research in Literacy (offered in summer 2015).  Jon Davies