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Writer's Paradise


Summer 2013 quarter

Steven Hendricks book arts, literature, creative writing , Nancy Parkes creative writing, sustainability, public policy
Fields of Study
literature, visual arts and writing

Fiction! Essays! Creative non-fiction! Academic writing! Journalism! Poetry! Dive into any of these genres in Writer’s Paradise. This craft-intensive program has it all: weekly peer-critique groups; copious, ongoing feedback from faculty; seminars on fiction and creative non-fiction; workshops to sharpen skills and generate ideas; and guided, in-class, one-on-one, and online critique. Deepen your engagement with your own writing, build your close reading skills, and refine your editorial eyes and ears. Use your summer to draft a number of smaller projects; push yourself and produce a finished, publishable manuscript; get the time and support you need to make your writing project the capstone of your academic year.

In addition to intensive writing and revision, you’ll get to engage in writing-related activities that celebrate the creative process and the written word:

  • Faculty will offer a rich introduction to computer-based book design (using Adobe software). Using these skills, students will develop one or several program anthologies and several smaller books.
  • Faculty will lead hikes during which you’ll link your creative senses with your work as a writer. You’ll develop new approaches to journaling, nature journaling, and other sensory exercises that will expand your creative process. These techniques will enable you to engage in and maintain a creative space regardless of what your future holds.

Writer’s Paradise is designed for accomplished and beginning writers to engage deeply in creative processes and to build skills that they can use artistically, academically, and professionally. The program includes two weekend sessions (one per session) during which we’ll meet all day Saturday and Sunday for workshops, walks, sharing work, and discussion. Students may enroll for the full 10-week quarter or for either of the 5-week sessions.

Advertised Schedule
5-9:30p Mon/Wed plus one weekend each session (First Session: 10a-5p Sat, July 13/Sun, July 14; Second Session: Sat, Aug 10, 7am-7pm/Sun, Aug 11, 10a-5p); students should be prepared to schedule time outside of class for peer group meetings and for individual meetings with faculty.
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Hybrid Online Learning 25 - 49% Delivered Online
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Evening and Weekend

Program Revisions

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May 16th, 2013 Saturday and Sunday dates added.