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World Literature in the Secondary English Classroom


Summer 2013 quarter

Lester Krupp education, writing
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World Literature in the Secondary English Classroom will mix readings from classic world authors with texts from lesser-known contemporary writers, always with consideration of the educative value of these works in the secondary classroom.  Accompanying readings on literature pedagogy will focus on creating relevance and literary engagement with literary works especially from non-European cultures (though the course will include reading of a Shakespeare play).  As part of our pedagogical discussion, students will consider ways to align teaching of world literature with the newly adopted Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts.  Students can expect to read prose fiction, poetry, and plays; participate in frequent seminars on literary and pedagogical topics; and write weekly reflective journals and two formal papers.

Concurrent enrollment in Multicultural Literature and the Common Core is possible by arrangement with instructor.

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9a-1p Wed/Fri (Jun. 26 - Jul. 26)
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Meets with Multicultural Literature class Fridays.
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Program Revisions

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May 28th, 2013 Cancelled due to low enrollment. Students interested in the content are encouraged to contact the instructor about possible individual study contracts.