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The Uncanny in Psychoanalysis and Philosophy

Summer 2013 quarter

Kathleen Eamon philosophy
Fields of Study
aesthetics, literature, philosophy, psychology and writing

Using Freud’s famous essay on The Uncanny as our starting point, we will investigate this category of experience which has been described as hovering between the natural and the supernatural.  Although our approaches will be diverse (including philosophical and psychoanalytic texts, as well as short stories and other media), we will focus on the way "the uncanny" has been mined for insight onto life, politics, and experience in modernity.  Other possible authors include Kant, Baudelaire, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Edgar Allan Poe, Otto Rank, Tzvetan Todorov.  The program will be reading, writing, and conversation intensive.

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10a-4p Mon/Tue/Thu (Jun. 24 - Jul. 25)
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