2012-13 Catalog

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PLE Document Writing

Fall 2012 quarter

Nancy Parkes creative writing, sustainability, public policy
Fields of Study
Successful completion of Writing from Life course and application to the PLE program

This course supports the Prior Learning from Experience (PLE) program through which select adults have the unique opportunity to demonstrate college equivalent learning and knowledge stemming from significant professional and cultural experiences.  In this rigorous program, students develop an extensive written document made up of a several essays that document and demonstrate college level learning.  Through expository writing and research, as well as appendices of prior work, the document analyzes both experience and modes of learning.  Students earn credit through a combination of coursework and professional faculty evaluation of the completed document for academic equivalency. Students may take the class for up to a year as they write their document, selecting four, six, or eight credits each quarter up to a cumulative total of 16 credits. Students have extensive opportunities to work with one another in collaborative editing and construction of portfolios. Students completing a PLE Document generally describe their experience as "transformative," helping them to understand the college level equivalence of their professional and life experience, as well as better preparing them for future academic and professional work.

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6-10p Tue
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