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Entrepreneurship with a Purpose: Human, Community, and Economic Development for Sustainability


Winter 2013 quarter

Brenda Hood organizational planning and development, collaborative governance, leadership capacity building and learning
Fields of Study
business and management, community studies, cultural studies, economics, government, leadership studies, sustainability studies and writing
Preparatory for studies or careers in
entrepreneurship, business operations, business management, non-profit management, systems analyst, finance, human resources, and economics.
Minimum of one term in a college-level business course with specific emphasis in business/strategic planning, finance, and case study method. To be successful in the winter session of the Entprepreneurship program series, students must have competence in business principles, business and strategic planning, business finance, organizational behavior, writing, and case study method.

What does it mean to be a successful entrepreneur? What does authentic success look like to the individual, to the organization, to the larger community, and to the economy? These logical questions arise after realizing traditional small business approaches which attempt to achieve excessive profits often fail socially, ethically and economically. Today's creative entrepreneurs may realize, far too late, they are doing something they really don't want with their lives, and to the world, in pursuit of some idealized vision of independence and wealth. How might we reconsider entrepreneurial success and economic progress in terms of having a purpose and quality of life: meaningful work within an empowering organizational culture that sustains us financially, community well-being, a healthy environment, and supportive, collaborative relationships?

This program will build on the skills learned in fall quarter’s Entrepreneurship and Power program. The fall program focused on basic business principles, the process of how to start a business, understanding the business lifecycle, business finances, organizational behavior, marketing, and entrepreneurship within the larger context of systems dynamics. The winter program builds on this foundation to incorporate critical discussions around entrepreneurship with a purpose: social responsibility, economic development, principled leadership, and “good business.” Case analyses will investigate business ethics and strategic management. We will apply these concepts and skills toward building a dream business that identifies and explores key aspects of feasibility analysis, business planning, and strategic planning.

The program will be foundational for forming business pathways to move toward greater cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability. Throughout the program we will ask: how might entrepreneurs innovate, challenge and transform their cultures and their environments as well as themselves? One of the goals of this program is to develop a set of competencies that will address this need, in an increasingly challenging economic and business climate, as we also engage in developing a well-rounded liberal arts education. You will be introduced to the tools, skills, and concepts you need to develop strategies for navigating organizations in an ever-changing environment. You will develop critical reading, writing, and thinking skills in the liberal arts, as we promote and implement concepts of social change, life-long learning, and personal and community enrichment. Class work will includes lectures, book seminars, projects, films, workshops, field trips, case studies, guest presentations, and group and individual assignments. By the end of the program, students will be expected to demonstrate competence in current business practices and concepts in innovation and entrepreneurship, economic development, environmental impact, sustainability, leadership decision-making, and distributive justice as ethical and social concerns. Expect to read a lot, study hard, and be challenged to think and communicate clearly, logically, and often.

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