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Boom or Bust: The U.S. Economy, 2013 and Beyond


Winter 2013 quarter

Bill Bruner economics, business , Qi Chen business administration, accounting , David Shaw international business, economics
Fields of Study
business and management, economics and law and public policy
Preparatory for studies or careers in
economics, public policy, business and law.

Over the past few years, the world economy has gone through a gut-wrenching recession from which it may now--at least at this writing--be recovering. Our objective in this program is to understand the current condition of the economy--with particular emphasis on the U.S. economy--in the context of economic cycles that have been a part of economic history for centuries. We will develop conceptual frameworks for explaining these cycles and apply these frameworks to analysis of current economic conditions. We will be concerned especially with the policy tools that might be used to smooth the ups and downs of the economy. Our studies will include introductions to macroeconomics, economic policy, economic indicators and economic history. No prior study of economics is required, but it won't hurt, either.

Students who enroll in this program must be prepared to read about current economic and business conditions on a daily basis in several different publications, both electronic and print-based. This might include the traditional-- Wall Street Journal or The New York Times --government publications from such agencies as the Federal Reserve or the Department of Labor and a variety of web-based publications. Students should expect to become well informed about the economy and political developments, and of the implications for economic and financial decisions being made in the sector and by individuals and households. They should be prepared to draw conclusions about economic policies and defend those conclusions in vigorous discussions with their classmates.

The final project for the program will be an economic forecast for the U.S. economy for 2013 and beyond, including implications for individuals, households, existing businesses and new ventures (for-profit or not).

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April 23rd, 2012 David Shaw has joined the teaching team.