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Education Policy

Fall 2012 quarter

Kathe Taylor

According to Washington state law, the purpose of a high school diploma is to “declare that a student is ready for success in postsecondary education, gainful employment and citizenship, and is equipped with the skills to be a lifelong learner.”  How do policies from different education sectors--early childhood, K-12, and higher education--set the stage for these goals to be reached?   In this course, we will examine this broad question by exploring in depth the complex inter-connections between education policy and practice.  We will analyze selected education policies from national, state, and local levels as a way of understanding what education policy is, who makes it, what its intended outcomes are, how it is implemented, and how well it works.

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Oct 5-7, 26-28, 5-9p Fri, 9a-5p Sat/Sun
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Oct 5-7, 26-28, 5-9p Fri, 9a-5p Sat/Sun
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