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Diversity & Nondiscrimination Policy

Winter 2013 quarter

Amy Gould political science, public policy

Discrimination happens. Beyond the motivation and intention of discriminatory actions, this course aims to excavate both our social and personal thresholds for discrimination and nondiscrimination in public administration. The concepts will be examined in the context of U.S. social policy and public employment policy. From historical and present day foundations, we will study the purpose, design, and implementation of diversity policies at the societal and organizational levels. Specifically, we will respond to the following questions:

1)      Are there connections between how public administration designs nondiscrimination social policies (ex. emergency response, welfare, fair housing, social security) and nondiscrimination employment policies (ex. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Equal Pay Act, Immigration and Reform and Control Act, Americans with Disabilities Act)?

2)      On what basis should social policies discriminate? On what basis should public employers discriminate? What are our social constructions of “deserving” and “undeserving” related to diversity policies?

3)      Are diversity and nondiscrimination employment policies feasible for public managers to implement and apply? This question applies to all aspects of a manager’s decision making scope including, but not limited to: hiring, firing, accountability, customer service, contracts, project management, volunteers, advisory Boards, etc.   

4) What is the future of diversity and nondiscrimination policies in public service?


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Jan 25-27 & Feb 15-17 Fri 6-9p Sat/Sun 9a-4p
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